Logo Design & Identity

Make your mark

Designing a logo is not as simple as sticking a swish over some text. We believe in logo designs that really “get” the essence of a business. Our logo design work stands the test of time and puts our clients in a special seat at the business table. 

logo Design and brand Identity Services

A logo is the mark of an enduring brand

“Logo” is often confused with the term “brand.” As a big part of a brand, it is the most permanent visual representation of a company, often lasting decades. It must be elegant, timeless and flexible. Does yours truly define your company?

“Logo design incorporates color, typography, perfect spacing, graphic shapes and often, a little wit.”

Your logo is often the first thing people see when they interact with your company.

Logos are especially fun to create, because the design must contain the essence of our client’s business in an abstract way. Every element of design goes into creating one that just “gets” the business. Does yours?