The Best Taglines Ever Written—150 I Love

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Best-Taglines-Ever-Message-in-a-BottleWhat makes a tagline the best ever written?

    • Brevity
    • Clarity
    • Wit
    • Benefit
    • Aspiration
    • Memorability
    • They tell a short story

I love taglines. They are fun to write, fun to read and often make me laugh. The creators of the best taglines ever written have a wit that makes me say “oh, yeah, wish I wrote that.”

The best tagline EVER may be “Just do it.”

It meets all the criteria in just 3 words. A close second would be “Think Different.” for the same reasons, except they did it in two.

Read more on what is a tagline and how to write a great one

Here are 150 of my favorite taglines.

I sorted them by popular industries and my top favorites are in bold. I like them because the brands built empires on them. We all know the ad campaigns that go with these and it’s impossible to forget the product.

Food & Drink Taglines

  1. Betcha can’t eat just one. Lay’s
  2. America runs on Dunkin. Dunkin’ Donuts
  3. I’m lovin’ it. McDonald’s
  4. Melts in your mouth, not in your hand. M&M
  5. Got milk? California Milk Processor Board
  6. Eat fresh. Subway
  7. Hot eats. Cool treats. Dairy Queen
  8. The home of the whopper. Burger King
  9. Breakfast of champions. Wheaties
  10. Finger lickin’ good. Kentucky Fried Chicken
  11. The king of beers. Budweiser
  12. Mmmm mmm, good. Campbell’s Soup

The next 7 are from Fresh Direct. Whoever wrote these rocks.

  1. Our Food is Fresh, Our Customers Are Spoiled
  2. Farm Fresh, Dirt Cheap
  3. Don’t Have Time To Grow An Orchard of Organic Apples?
  4. Stays fresh longer because it gets to you sooner.
  5. We Bring More to the Table.
  6. Local Food Makes Good.

More Food & Drink:

  1. Have it your way. Burger King, 1973
  2. It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken. Perdue, 1972
  3. It’s the real thing. Coca Cola, 1970
  4. Open Happiness. Coke, circa 2010
  5. Where’s the beef? Wendy’s, 1984
  6. Think outside the bun. Taco Bell
  7. Head for the Border. Taco Bell
  8. Now You’re Eating! Pizza Hut
  9. Come hungry, leave happy. IHop
  10. We have the meat. Arby’s
  11. When you’re crazy for chicken. El Pollo Loco
  12. Where shopping is a pleasure. Publix
  13. Whole foods, whole people, whole planet. Whole Foods.
  14. The poor man whole foods. Trader Joe’s

Health & Beauty Taglines

  1. Treat your head right. Headspace
  2. Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline. Maybelline
  3. Between love and madness lies obsession. Calvin Klein
  4. The Ultimate Code of Seduction for Men. Armani Code
  5. Share the Fantasy. Chanel
  6. No Bottles to Break — Just Hearts.   Arpege
  7. Promise Her Anything, But Give Her Arpege.
  8. If you want to capture someone’s attention, whisper. Coty
  9. Life Without Passion is Unforgiveable. Unforgivable by Sean John
  10. Because You’re Worth It. L’Oréal Paris
  11. Does she…or doesn’t she? Clairol
  12. Is it true? Blondes have more fun. Clairol, circa 1960s
  13. The makeup of makeup artists. Max Factor
  14. Love the skin you’re in. Olay
  15. You’re more beautiful than you think. Dove

Consumer Products 

  1. Can You Hear Me Now? Verizon
  2. There Is No Finish Line. Nike
  3. Just Do It. Nike
  4. Think Different. Apple
  5. The Ultimate Driving Machine. BMW
  6. It takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Timex, 1950s
  7. A Diamond Is Forever. De Beers
  8. Say it with flowers. FTD 
  9. The best a man can get.  Gillette Razors, 1989
  10. Life’s Good.  LG
  11. Save Money. Live Better. Walmart
  12. Every kiss begins with Kay. Kay Jewelers
  13. One for One. Toms Shoes
  14. Shave Time. Shave Money. Dollar Shave Club
  15. Tastes So Good, Cats Ask for It By Name. Meow Mix
  16. Every Little Helps. Tesco (Supermarkets)
  17. The Quicker Picker Upper. Bounty
  18. The Wonderful Everyday. IKEA
  19. Expect More, Pay Less. Target
  20. Expect Great Things. Kohls
  21. Do it Right For Less. Lowe’s
  22. More Saving. More Doing. Home Depot

Cars, Trucks and Planes 

  1. Think small. Volkswagen, 1959
  2. Drivers wanted. VW today
  3. American by Birth. Rebel by Choice. Harley Davidson
  4. We try harder. Avis
  5. Nothing runs like a Deere. John Deere
  6. For Life. Volvo
  7. Only Those Who Dare, Truly Live. Ferrari 
  8. Lets Go Places. Toyota
  9. Chevy Runs Deep. Chevrolet
  10. Being Ahead Through Technology.   Audi
  11. Grab Life by The Horns.   Dodge
  12. Go Further.  Ford
  13. Born to Perform. Jaguar
  14. We’re more experienced than our name suggests. Virgin Atlantic
  15. World class, worldwide. Air Canada
  16. We really move our tail for you. Continental Airlines
  17. When you’ve got it, flaunt it. Braniff
  18. Is this any way to run an airline? You bet it is. National Airlines
  19. You are now free to move around the country. Southwest

Pet Company Taglines

  1. Where healthy pets go. Petco
  2. Sophisticated food for sophisticated dogs. Caesar Dog Food
  3. The taste your dog dreams of. Kibbles & Bits
  4. Good For Today, Good for Life. Iams
  5. Dog’s Rule. Pedigree.
  6. It’s a Dog Thing. Pedigree
  7. Your pet, our passion. Purina
  8. A Dog’s Favorite Bite. Butch Dog Food
  9. For Pets With an Appetite for Life. Friskees

Finance & Insurance 

  1. There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard. MasterCard
  2. What’s in your wallet? Capital One
  3. The World’s Local Bank. HSBC
  4. The Citi never sleeps. Citibank 
  5. Live Richly. Citi.
  6. Where Money Lives. Citibank
  7. Merrill Lynch is Bullish on America.
  8. The Right Relationship is Everything. JP Morgan Chase
  9. You’re in Good Hands. Allstate
  10. Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is There. State Farm
  11. We know a thing or two, because we’ve seen a thing or two. Farmers Insurance
  12. So easy a caveman can do it. Geico
  13. 15 minutes can save you 15%. Geico
  14. The Company You Keep. NY Life
  15. Don’t leave home without it. American Express, 1975
  16. Don’t do business without it. AMEX today


  1. It’s not TV, it’s HBO. HBO, 1997
  2. The Happiest Place on Earth. Disney
  3. What happens here, stays here. Las Vegas, 2002
  4. Live in your world, play in ours. Sony Playstation
  5. Broadcast Yourself. YouTube
  6. See what’s next. Netflix
  7. I love New York. NY State Dept, 1977
  8. All the News That’s Fit to Print. The New York Times

Business Services 

  1. When it absolutely positively has to be there overnight.  Fedex used from 1978 to 1983
  2. Everyone’s Private Driver. Uber
  3. Love What You Do. Mail Chimp
  4. Focus on What Matters Most. Evernote


  1. We deliver. US Postal Service
  2. The Few. The Proud. The Marines. US Marine Corps
  3. Be All You Can Be. US Army
  4. Army Strong. US Army, 2006
  5. Forged By the Sea. US Navy
  6. Aim High, Fly-Fight-Win. USAir Force


  1. Let’s Make America Great Again -Ronald Reagan
  2. Change we Can believe in. Obama
  3. It’s the economy, stupid – Bill Clinton

Read them all on Wikipedia

Technology Taglines

  1. Intel Inside.  Intel
  2. Think 3.o. IBM
  3. Make. Believe. Sony
  4. Imagination at Work. General Electric
  5. Be what’s next, Microsoft
  6. Move Fast and Break Things. Facebook
  7. What’s Happening. Twitter
  8. Capture and Share The World’s Moments. Instagram
  9. Ideas for Life. Panasonic
  10. Intelligence everywhere. Motorola
  11. We bring good things to life. GE
  12. You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Radio Shack


  1. Holding Power Accountable. Common Cause
  2. A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste UNCF
  3. Nothing Stops A Bullet Like A Job  Homeboy Industries
  4. Finding a cure now…so our daughters won’t have to. PA Breast Cancer Coalition
  5. Because the earth needs a good lawyer. Earth Justice
  6. Because Freedom Can’t Protect Itself ACLU
  7. Every baby wanted and loved. Planned Parenthood

Need a tagline for your company?

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