The Best Ever Christmas Movie Quotes to Make Your Season Jolly

The Best Ever Christmas Movie Quotes to Make Your season Jolly

I love holiday movies because they remind me to be kinder, more giving, to laugh and of what is important. These are the best ever Christmas movie quotes, in my humble opinion, for those very reasons.

When the scent of pine is in the air, or you are making your world-famous sugar cookies, pop in a holiday movie.

You probably know it by heart, and like old friends, they bring you back to what the season is all about. Here are just a few of my favorite best ever Christmas movie quotes revamped in 2019.

The images for all of these quotes are from Shutterstock. I stumbled onto the artists at Zamurovic Photography in Serbia and fell in love with the entire collection. They use miniature objects to create little stories that give them a richness illustration can’t duplicate. The charm and wit of these photographs inspired me to create a new post just so I could use them.

This year’s “Last Christmas” is already on my list of favorites.

One reason is Emilia Clark wears an elf costume most of the time and looks adorable in it. No one but the Mother of Dragons could achieve that. The second is because it is set in London in a Christmas shop owned by Michelle Yeo and filled with the kind of kitschy decorations I adore.

Best Ever Christmas Movie Quotes Last Christmas

Even though it was made in 1947, It’s a Wonderful Life is still on everyone’s favorite Christmas movie list. James Stewart, Donna Reed, and Lionel Barrymore never disappoint, and the message is as clear as a bell.

Best Ever Christmas Movie Quotes Its a Wonderful Life

Christmas-Movie-Quotes 1

It’s impossible not to reach for the hankie when Emma Thompson finds those earrings in her husband’s pocket, and he gives her a CD instead. The cast of Love, Actually alone…Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman, Colin Firth, Emma Thompson, Kiera Knightly, Bill Nighy…..I could go on, is a who’s who of top British talent matched only by the Harry Potter movies.

Best Ever Christmas-Movie-Quotes Love Actually

Best Ever Christmas-Movie-Quotes Love Actually 2

This film, I did think, could’ve been far too sweet. But Ron Howard, for sure, made it a little more neat.

Movie-Quote from How the Grinch Stole Christmas

The Polar Express is endlessly quotable. Visually stunning and with Tom Hanks as the conductor, this is a movie I always watch every year.

Best Ever Christmas-Movie-Quotes Polar Express

Best Ever Christmas-Movie-Quotes form Santa The Polar Express

Home Alone is another Christmas movie classic and a must-watch every Christmas. Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, and Daniel Stern steal the movie, directed by Chris Colombus. A brilliant, sweet, honest film, this story feels real from a kid’s perspective.

Christmas-Movie-Quotes form Home Alone

Christmas-Movie-Quotes form Home Alone 2

A Charlie Brown Christmas with his scrawny tree and doggie wisdom always feels like Christmas. Created in 1965 for TV, Charles Schultz’s characters are some of our oldest friends.

Christmas-Movie-Quotes from A Charlie Brown Christmas

Christmas-Movie-Quotes from A Charlie Brown Christmas 2

Are these your best ever Christmas movie quotes?

There as many versions of A Christmas Carol as lights on a tree. Ebeneezer Scrooge was played by Reginald Owen in 1934, Alistair Sim in 1951, George C. Scott in 2009, and Jim Carrey in 1984. But Scrooge always learns his lesson and reminds us that love makes for a happy heart.

Movie-Quote from A Christmas Carol

Bill Murray is at his funniest, most charming, curmudgeonly self in this version of the classic Christmas movie. Karen Allen is his perfect soul mate in this takeoff of A Christmas Carol.

Movie-Quote from Scrooged

Will Ferrell stars as a guy who thinks he’s a Christmas elf. What else can I say? 

Movie-Quote from Elf

A family favorite, This Christmas (2007) takes a look at the stresses family life brings during the holidays. Not exactly Silent Night.

Tim Burton’s 1993 animated film is exquisite. Johnny Depp is the voice of the pirate king of Halloween Town where every day is Halloween, even Christmas, and it goes from there.

Movie-Quote from Nightmare Before Christmas

Natalie Wood stars in this Christmas movie classic, when they still called Santa Kris Kringle. She is adorable and the movie explores faith, love and wonder. A newer version was created in 1994 with Mara Wilson as Susan.

Quote from Miracle on 34th Street

Let me know your favorite best ever Christmas movie quotes!

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Happy holidays!

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