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Useful, entertaining, engaging content is the backbone of every great marketing strategy. But the problem that pains most companies is lack of time and producing quality content.

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Content marketing is more than words. It’s an experience.

It’s how you deliver your message to the world, tell your story, engage with consumers. Without content, how can you build an audience, attract customers, or rank in Google?

Simply put, you can’t.

Content Writing calendarHow do you find the time and resources to produce outstanding content day in and day out? It’s not easy. That’s why more companies are using outsourced article writing services to scale content creation. Why? To fuel brand awareness, lead generation, customer acquisition and thought leadership.

10 good reasons why outsourced writing services impact your bottom line.

  1. It actually gets done. Content marketing has proven itself a worthwhile investment for every sized business, but there are still many challenges. Lack of time is a major hurdle, followed by not being able to scale. These two pain points alone are the reason companies outsource their writing services. They can do more without diverting attention away from their core responsibilities.
  1. Google loves fresh content. Google filed a patent and later released a “Google Freshness Update” that impacted search results by giving more relevance to regularly updated sites — meaning higher rankings and more search traffic to those publishing content frequently.
  1. Better SEO and keyword rankings. You don’t stand a chance at ranking for your keywords without investing in quality content. It’s not going to happen any other way. The content on your site is the most important content you will publish. It’s what turns visitors into customers. It’s also what search engines use to properly index your site. There can be many more doorways into your site besides your home page. Each page, including your blog, is an opportunity to rank for a keyword.
  1. More ammo for link building. An ample supply of useful content is a must for any link building campaign or inbound marketing strategy. Well-written, informative, entertaining content increases sharing and links to your site. The main hurdle with any link building campaign is scaling enough content for outreach. You need content for links, but you need quality content to get the links that matter. Outsourced writing services give even small companies the ability to scale content marketing and SEO campaigns effectively.
  1. More content to share. Social media marketing can be a gold mine for leads. It’s great for exposure. It’s how we connect. But social media is not standalone — it’s part of the bigger picture known as integrated marketing. When you share your own content you build exposure. When people notice, they click over to your site. Once a visitor is on your site you get data. You can add them to your remarketing campaign. You can begin nurturing the relationship. Content helps you increase the interactions you have with your prospects, build familiarity, and close more sales.
  1. More content to repurpose. Having an arsenal of articles gives you the ability to scale up your content marketing Writing-services-for-e-bookswithout the extra cost or time involved in creating new content from scratch. Have a few killer blog posts on one subject? Turn them into a white paper, eBook or infographic. You can even make it into a video. Repurposing your content allows you to reach different audiences using a variety of mediums (videos, presentations, ebooks). It’s the most efficient and cost-effective way to scale any campaign.
  1. A reason to email your customers and prospects. Staying in touch with the people important to your business is a necessity. You need to be top-of-mind with your prospects and customers.

People love to buy. They hate to be sold to.

Pushing the sale is not going to build a relationship. Many companies make the mistake of using email marketing only to offer specials. Particularly with B2B companies, this is not an effective strategy.

This is often a result of:

  • lack of time
  • lack of content
  • poor strategy

What if you could shift the conversation to topics your customers care about? What if you could give them the information they are looking for? That would be a better conversation to have, one your customers will appreciate. Just remember: you need content and resources to share with your audience first.

Then let them know about it through email.

  1. Brand awareness. Most clients tell us that increasing brand awareness is their #1 objective. Article writing builds brand recognition. It gives your brand a voice. It defines the culture your company lives by. It builds trust, shows your expertise, and fosters connection between you and your audience. Professional writing services can help you with a more strategic approach.
  1. Lead generation. Lead nurturing and marketing automation requires content. You need it for newsletters, drip campaigns and ebooks. It’s an investment worth making. The good news is that once created, you have it forever. It can be used as a long-term asset for acquiring new leads or repurposed to aid other marketing goals. Empower your sales team by giving them the tools they need to spark conversations with the people that matter most to your business. It all starts with content.
  1. Customer acquisition and retention. By now you can see how content marketing can be used to increase the number of leads (and customers) your company is acquiring. It’s scalable. It’s cost effective. And it works. Great content also helps you keep customers. You can educate them about your product, tell your story, and share useful tips. You’re building a relationship with your customers. Now, with social media, article commenting and social groups you can truly interact with your audience. Their feedback not only gives you ideas on how to improve your products, it lets customers be a part of your marketing team.

This is marketing done like never before.

Words can connect you with people. The stories you tell can define you.

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