Sexuality Resource Website Redesign

What We Did

Stephen Snyder is a different kind of doctor—he helps people with issues around sexuality. When he came to us for his second website redesign, he wanted to take his Sexuality Resource website redesign to a more sophisticated level. The color palette is soft but colorful, giving a feeling of relaxed confidence. The photography is customized to the color palette and the collage of people shows diversity, like his clients. The new brand design of his logo is now more classic, and the result is a newly defined brand.

The Problem it Solved

His subject matter had to be handled in a discreet, friendly, comforting way. The photography we chose is friendly and a little serious, and includes diversity in gender. It gives a relaxed confidence and an open, welcoming feeling, like Steve himself.

The Results

The Sexuality Resource website redesign is mobile ready, has the features Dr. Snyder needs, and is hitting just the right note with the people who use his counsel. Traffic is growing too.

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Sexuality Resource-Website-Redesign Home PageSexuality Resource-Website-Redesign Home Page
Sexuality Resource-Website-Redesign-Blog-PageSexuality Resource-Website-Redesign-Blog-Page
Sexuality Resource-Logo-RedesignSexuality Resource-Logo-Redesign

A little love from the client

Carmen, you and your crew have done it again! I loved the website you built for me 5 years ago, but this new one takes it to a whole new level. Your team does it all with such skill and panache: strategy, execution, and most of all spellbinding graphic design! I’m so happy I found you. Your passion for excellence and drive to “get it right” are truly an inspiration.”
Stephen Snyder, MD

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