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Graphic Design Services


The power of print

Paper still evokes a sensual touch, and a tactile experience that the web cannot duplicate. Print pieces are a physical way of staying in touch with your customers.

A well-designed, well-written piece can stay on people’s desks or bulletin boards for long periods of time, keeping your company top-of-mind.

Banners and displays for trade shows can get the attention of someone 20 feet away. A simple postcard or a eye-catching brochure can convey your message in a visually memorable way. Not only that, companies send print pieces less frequently. When yours comes in the mail, it will stand out.

Below are a few graphic design projects we’ve designed and executed for our clients. 

Contact us today to share your big ideas and see what we can do for your business with a little graphic design love.

Graphic design services for print

Customized Identity System

We did the graphic design for our printer, AM Litho. They wanted a series of business cards, bookmarks and mailing pieces for variable printing that would change with each travel agency customer. We developed the design system and created the print pieces.

graphic design for business
The business cards have alluring images of travel destinations, and the colorful images wrap around the front of the card.Graphic Design for Postcard layouts

Postcard layouts for the custom print system with a variety of fronts showing an endless variety of travel destinations, and backs that the client can mix and match their colors and messages.

Graphic Design for bookmarks
The bookmarks have a slice of the image and the backs allow the client to mix and match the colors and customize their messages.

Graphic Design Services for Brochures

This series of brochures for a Real Estate Lending Company appealed to the high end clientele they were after. We designed and wrote the headlines and copy for the 4 brochures for the project. See more brochure design work

NJ Lenders brochure design
Front and back cover for NJ Lenders NY HOME division. We used rich interior design textures to appeal to an upscale clientele.
Brochure design for real estate
Front and back cover for a real Estate Lender’s commercial division brochure
Brochure design for NJ Lenders
Front and back cover for NJ Lenders residential brochure
Brochure design for real estate
Inside spread for a real estate commercial lender’s brochure

Graphic Design Services for Trade Shows

When you are in an environment that is crowded with people, visual stimulation and a barrage of messages, your company needs to stand out. A banner is one of the easiest ways to attract attention from 20 feet away and draw people to your booth. See more trade show banner design

Telehouse Trade Show Banner Design