OnPoint Legal Nurse Consultants Brand and Website Design


OnPoint Legal Nurse Consultants wanted to win the battle of credibility with their new brand and website design. And they did.

They took a leap into a fresh, clean design and the kind of messaging no other competitor uses. With a focus on results to their clients, the messaging speaks into how their clients benefit from using their services. They attract more attorneys than ever before and win their battles with accurate information. Though designed in 2015, the clean design still looks current and the writing is still irresistible.


The Brand: Logo Design

The logo design has a point—literally. The bold, modern design will stand the test of time.

The website responds on every device using technology not available until a few years ago.

We wrote all the headlines and body copy to appeal to the client, showing them what they will get when they call OnPoint. It’s conversational, not stiff and formal, just like the company. A formal style of copy is not going to open more wallets. Telling attorneys they will get a better outcome in a damages case when they have better options and more accurate, organized information, will and has for this company.


Trade show and advertising material that reinforces the brand

Mindy exhibits at many trade shows. She comes to network9 for ads, posters and banner displays like these. We favor bold, clean graphics and big headlines to catch attention in the crowd from 20 feet away. The style is consistent with the brand, reinforcing the company in people’s memory banks over the years.


View more of our graphic design work here

Virtual Trade Show Booth Design

Now that in-person trade shows have been postponed, virtual ones have popped up. For OnPoint, we created the graphics for their virtual trade show booth.

The booth and the colors turned out fabulous! Many thanks for adding that special touch to our booth. We had several attorneys comment on how nicely it was put together.

~ Diane and Mindy

Virtual-Trade-Show-Booth Graphic-Design

At Network9, we believe a company’s website is the cornerstone of their marketing. The work done here in massaging and design can be repurposed everywhere, from email messages, articles, brochures and social media to speaking engagements by the principles. It’s the best investment a company can make. Read our post on the subject

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There's no us without you

Are you ready to take the leap?

There's no us without you

Are you ready to take the leap?