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Howard Wexler Website Design, an archive of a Creative Mind


Meet the man who invented Connect 4, one of the most popular games ever invented!

We created his website almost a decade ago in collaboration with designer Nancee Hwa, Howard’s life partner. Her minimalist style and clean design have made this website design look current today.

The website is a complete archive of Howard’s work over 50 years.

He pioneered teaching toys for babies at a time people thought infants were too young to learn. He pushed his ideas to the limits to create toys with a purpose. At that time, there were no toys like it in the world.

We all know and play Connect 4. It’s simple, yet complex strategy game has held the interest of generations of players. The style has many variations, but the game has not changed. The vertical board was a revolution in the world of table games. It has stood the test of time and is played all over the world today.


On his website, you can explore all of the toys, games and art Howard has invented over his 50-year career.

A serial doodler, Howard travels the globe with a pad and pencil, making art every day. His artwork has its own section, with titles such as Flowers Forever and Squares ‘N Things. But he doesn’t stop there! Howard is also a writer and philosopher.

For any creative, this is a trip into how an original thinker thinks.

He is a darling, and I am happy to know him and Nancee. He brings joy into the world—and FUN!


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