Your Guide to Winning New Business. Even Now.

Are you sending the right message for right now?

I bet you $20 the headline you had on your home page in February is not addressing today’s extreme challenges. This makes you seem out of touch and irrelevant in this crisis, and sales are probably slipping. Get your guide to Winning New Business—Even NOW!

With the right focus, you can win new business, even in this crisis.

here's what to do:

  • Focus on a product or service relevant to today’s needs
  • Let people know you understand their pain
  • Show them how your product or service is the right medicine

This is no time for a hard sell. Right now, people are looking for support and guidance just to survive. With your Guide to Winning New Business Now, you will learn 5 ways to be relevant and send the right message for right now. 

Be relevant.
Be supportive.
Win new business!


why i created this guide

I’ve been wracking my brain for a way to support my fellow businesspeople struggling to navigate through this calamity.

I looked at my own website, and felt it sounded out of touch with what’s going on. I knew I needed to rethink what I could offer during this crisis.

Now I want to apply the lessons I learned with businesses in the same situation by sharing what I know best to make a difference NOW.

I’m here to guide and implement change to as many businesses as I can. I’m hell-bent we all come out of this even stronger than before.

That’s why I created this guide. This can’t wait.

Here's a sneak preview of what's inside your guide.

  1. 180˚ your home page headline to be relevant
  2. Change your images to be more emotional
  3. Rewrite your copy to be customer-focused
  4. Create an educational guide, video or webinar
  5. Update your LinkedIn profile to be relevant

P.S. Besides more detail on each one, you’ll also get my secret recipe for a perfect headline!

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