August 5, 2014

  At Network9 we wouldn’t necessarily call ourselves an advertising agency (ala “Mad Men”), but we know that design, branding, and advertising are 3 sides of the same 3-sided coin (errrr…)… Read more »

July 9, 2014

Everybody Give Up! : 4 Ways Starting Over is Healthy For designers, there’s nothing more frustrating than staring at our work and realizing your design concept just ISN’T coming together. No matter… Read more »

July 1, 2014
obin-Thicke-Hashtag Debacle

The Hashtag campaign goes viral—but not in a good way Yesterday, VH1 hosted a hashtag campaign on Twitter for one of America’s most controversial pop music figures: Robin Thicke.  Known… Read more »

June 24, 2014
World-Cup Favorite Jerseys

There’s a lot to watch besides the ball in the World Cup matches! Apparently, more Americans watch the World Cup than the World Series. Go figure! We at network9 are… Read more »

June 13, 2014
How-to-make-Custom Desktop Folders

Making custom desktop folders is easy The favicons in my browser window when I have like 80 tabs open, greatly help me find my way around. These little visuals instantly… Read more »

June 3, 2014

Teamwork is essential, especially in the beginning When we meet with companies to explore their brand identity, often their whole team is involved, which is great!  The challenge with working with many personalities and… Read more »

May 27, 2014

Sweet web nostalgia If you’ve been online for more than a decade, you’re sure to get waves of “website nostalgia” every time you come across a site that’s…well…a little creaky…. Read more »