Marketing Consulting

Defining your brand message comes first. But a plan of action is needed to get the word out and maintain its integrity over time.

As your Marketing Consultant, we work with your team to shape your brand’s purpose, tone of voice, visual identity and celebrate the key benefits of your product or service. We’ll design and execute a plan that attracts the people who benefit most from your product.

Marketing Consultants can also find and manage the talent that builds your business. We always have a pool of talent to draw from.

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Writing Services

Ask any SEO expert, and they will all agree that blogs are essential to companies who want to get the love from Google. Article writing and content creation can build credibility, recognition and trust in a company.

There is a lot of generic content being created purely for search engines. It may work, but it won’t make people fall in love with you. For goodness sake, hire a professional!

Finding, training and managing writers who understand your voice and target client can be a great asset to your brand management, and a powerful part of your company’s identity.

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Website Management

Your website should always be evolving, growing. But keeping your style consistent and on brand can become a challenge, especially when more people become involved. Keeping up with SEO changes is crucial to staying in the search engine’s orbit.

A website is like owning a car. It needs tuneups, polishing and sometimes parts replacement. We stick around long after we finish your initial website design, because that’s when the job really begins.

As your website manager we will maintain your site, your social media, your blog and keep your brand strong.

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How are you positioning yourself when you give a sales presentation or speak in public? Are you just another vendor or are you seen as a strategic advisor? Are you opening up their wallets? If not, a shift in language will change that.

The language and design of your presentation directly affects how people perceive you. Vendors are compared by price, but an advisor has no competition.

We create presentations for sales teams, individuals, startups pitching investors and product introductions. Let’s have a conversation.

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Brand Management is your brand's watchdog.

When we manage a brand, we’ll be the watchdogs who keep your voice, your look, your social sites and all of your content consistent.
We’ll handle the day-to-day tasks that keep up the conversation, grow the love—and your audience.
We’ll supply the creative juice and the talent it takes to build a brand people never forget.
We’ve done it for others, and we can do it for you.