Why a Corporate Blog Improves Your SEO

writing for a corporate blog

A Corporate Blog is one of the best ways to connect

To date, a blog section within your corporate website is arguably the easiest and most effective way to publish content online and keep your website fresh and relevant. It gives you a voice in the community when 140 characters doesn’t cut it.

But more importantly, a corporate blog is a way for search engines to index new pages on your site. They reward a relevant and active website.

Regular blogging gets you recognized by search engines more often, meaning you’ll get indexed within hours, rather than weeks, if you are consistent and update it often. Once a week is good, many companies write 2X a week or more. Often, they outsource the writing to a marketing company to keep a steady publishing calendar.

How to optimize your posts…in a nutshell

There are a lot of opinions on how to optimize your blog for SEO, but we think the most valuable practice is to maintain quality content on a specific topic. You can always update your blogging strategy to the latest trends and advice, but if the content doesn’t engage your existing audience as well as new readers, you won’t make an impact. You are the expert in your field—shout about what you know. that no one else does.

Follow the steps to make your posts searchable

On the back end, make sure to:

  • Write relevant page titles
  • Write engaging page descriptions
  • Tag your articles with 2 or 3 tags
  • Include alternate text on your images
  • Use strategic keywords when titling the images you use. Alt text not only helps your SEO, it allows blind people to read the description of the image.
  • Use keyword rich content, but don’t overdo it
  • Swap links with other bloggers in your sphere
  • Post on social media to encourage sharing
  • Make sure your design is professional and easy to use.
  • Post regularly and post quality.

Above all, write for humans.

Search engines are not actually people. Be entertaining. Share personal knowledge on a subject that only you know. People like to have a new point of view. It makes your content unique.

Go out and find your own virtual voice!