The Blah-Blah on Blogging…and the Benefits of a Blog

What is a blog?

Why should I have one? What should I write about? How will I find time to write it?

These are all great questions. Let’s start with the basics.

Blog stands for “Web Log”, which is basically a diary in the form of a website. It can provide commentary on news, personal interests, showcase new work, or say just about anything. It can contain text, images, videos, links to other blogs, and connection with social networks easily.

Blog content is immediate, and refreshed often, as opposed to a “brochure” website which contains static information and is revised less often. A blog can be a part of your main website, and should be. Most blogs are interactive, allowing visitors to leave comments, giving them a voice, and giving you valuable marketing information. Where else can customers give feedback, and you get to hear how you are doing?

Why you should be blogging and the benefits of a blog to your brand:

  1. Blogs offer fresh, compelling content to visitors, keeping their interest.
  2. You are building valuable, relevant content on your website, adding SEO value. Search Engines love them and reward them.
  3. Other websites will link to your content and share it on social networks – if it is good – which is great for your rank.
  4. You can interact with your customers like never before.
  5. You establish your authority and expertise on your subject.

Get Search Engine Optimization Value

One of the best ways to build SEO value for your website is to add articles to your website with a blog. Well-written, relevant-to-your-business content can add many more pages to your main website, be a library of information and establish YOU as an authority on a subject. Have your web designer plan it, design it, and set it up for you.

What do I write about?

Write about what you know about.

Do not attempt to sell, but share your expertise. Too busy? Hire a writer, (we can help you with one), give them direction, and let them write regular postings for you. Consistency is key. Jump in and join the Blogosphere!

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