Lead Generation Techniques: Your Brand’s Little Black Book

It’s a lot of work to write a blog, keep up with posting on social media, and creating remarkable offers. Why do you do it? Because you want to convert your website’s visitors into leads.

Giving-a-phone-number-on-a-matchbookThe lead generation process is similar to snagging a phone number from a stranger you had an interesting conversation with at a party. You connected with them, established trust, and they were willing to share their phone number with you. Think of it as adding to your Little Black Book.

Now you can take the next step.

Converting means turning a one-time visitor to your blog, social pages or website, into one that becomes a lead for your business. These vital lead generation techniques start relationships that will keep your business growing. Today, we’re on the prowl — for new business, of course.

Step 1: Blog Well

Lead-generation-techniques-sharing-imageFirst of all, write remarkable content that serves a purpose, answers a question, solves a problem or fills a need. After you write, ask yourself honestly “Would I read this article if I came across it?” “Would I share it with my friends?”

More importantly, ask yourself if your ideal client would want to read your article.

Let’s frame this like a first encounter at a party. If you are only interested in leaving with phone numbers, forget it. If you want to connect with someone and begin a new relationship, be genuinely interested in them. Discover what interests them, and talk about what means something to them. Blog the same way. You have a better chance of leaving with their phone number. It’s not bad dating advice either.

Step 2: Blog Often

Blog-often-and-well imagePosting often and consistently is the key to a successful business blog. Statistics show that business blogs updated more than once a week add roughly 100% more subscribers a month than blogs that don’t. That’s because the search engines reward active websites.

If you want to add to your “Little Black Book”, don’t spend most of your night hiding in the shadows or by the h’orderves (unless the h’orderves are great because, y’know, priorities). Be visible and make the rounds, without being a stalker, of course.

If you attend a lot of different parties, you might see that person again, and become a familiar face. Even better. In the web world, familiarity breeds trust.

Step 3: Encourage Subscription with a Right Sidebar

Our website’s business blog has a little sidebar riiiiight next to the content. Very easy to spot for readers. It has a way to connect to us socially, sign up for our newsletter and download an offer we created just for them.

Imagine that sidebar as wearing a colorful tie or a sparkly tank top. Be conspicuous, but always in good taste.

Your blog needs a similar sidebar to encourage subscriptions. Make the process easy, with as few fields to fill out as possible. Spell out the benefits of subscribing to your email updates so they see the value of getting one more email in their inbox. The easier it is, the more subscribers you’ll have.

Step 4: Wrap Up with a Call to Action

If someone’s read your article, (or the end of a five minute story about your Pomeranian), they’re definitely interested in what you have to say. Now’s the time to offer your phone number, Facebook, email address or even a simple “we should go out sometime”. If they’re interested, they’ll be glad that you asked.

Lead-generation-techniques-to-build-a-Little-Black-BookBack in business blog land, this means putting in a call-to-action button asking them to call, join you on social sites, subscribe, or perhaps to download an offer. As long as it stands out visually, and, once again, clearly spells out the benefits of handing over an email address, you can bet on more leads. Offer related posts for those who want to read more about the subject they searched for and landed on your site.

Always encourage the next step in the conversion process. Make another date to talk, meet or email.

Don’t let your blog be a wallflower. A business blog exists to attract just that — business!

Using these lead generation techniques will see your email list grow with possible clientele.

Take it from us — you’ll love adding new friends to your Little Black Book.