Content Writing Tips for Your Target Market

Content-writing-tips-gift-imageFirst, define your ideal target market, and what we affectionately call “Buyer Personas”. Once you have your target market and personas neatly defined, you have actually started a relationship with them. Read more about creating buyer personas

Now it’s time to take the relationship to the next level.

3 easy to do content writing tips

The more you know about a person, the better you can create content for them. Just like buying a gift, you could buy something generic, but nothing beats a gift that feels like it was chosen just for you.

Creating content for your target personas doesn’t have to be mind-melting. Here are 3 content writing tips that will help you create valuable content your target market will love.

1. Do your research on LinkedIn

website-copywriting-tips-for-target-marketsIt would ridiculous to expect yourself to just know everything about your client immediately. Do a little homework! Find out where your client goes for information, what they’re reading and why. Pick a person that represents the people you are talking to, and look them up on LinkedIn.

Search their profiles for details about what causes they follow, what they read and what groups they belong to – you’d be surprised what piece of information can spark your creativity. Check their social pages.

Keep your findings on a platform that other members of your marketing team can access. Your research should continuously be building on itself to make a fuller and richer target persona. Just like dating, the more you go out, the better you know the person.

2. Find the right tone of voice

This one might venture into the realm of common sense. The blog you write for college-aged women is MUCH different than the blog you’d write for middle-aged professional women. (Even if both blogs happen to be about Scandal – which we know they are, don’t even try to lie to us). Capturing the tone of voice your target persona would relate to is another step towards writing web content they can relate to. Would they talk like Buzzfeed? Or like the NY Times?

Find authors on other websites and blogs you respect who write for your target demographic. Observe their tone, their language and style. If you don’t think you can imitate that tone without sounding hokey and false (“‘sup kids, I’m hip like you!”), you might want to think about hiring a blog writer.

3. Solve a Problem

If you can empathize with people, you can help solve their problems.

Solving-a-maze-problemWe’re saving the most important for last. If you really know your target persona, then you really know their problems.

Know their pain points, what keeps them up at night, what they want to know about, what is that needling worry that just sits on a persistent post-it-note plastered to a stress-inducing binder?

“How do I hook up an external hard drive?”

“I need to learn to Work Google Analytics for my job”

“I have to build a PowerPoint presentation, but don’t know how”

(Maybe some of those have angry faces scribbled next to them?)

If you had a book full of those little pain-point-post-its, you could write dozens of (searchable!) blogs to answer those questions and empower them to solve those problems.

And the next time they search Google for “5 easy quick ways to build a PowerPoint”, guess whose article comes up? Yours – written, designed, and served up specifically for them.

Now that’s a nice gift.

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