Say More With Less: Make it Visual

The Trend is Toward More Visual Communication


We all remember the first websites. Full of bright colors, a million home page elements that had to fit into a 800X600 screen, Comic Sans and GIFS. They were  too much too look at. But websites have transformed drastically from the early nineties. The old saying, “one picture speaks 1000 words” hold true for websites too. Instead of explaining where to go, SHOW them where to go with a picture that draws their attention, and informs them in an instant.

The evolution of trends in website design is an interesting and exciting thing to watch, especially in the last year. Sites that were once packed full of details, dark colors and dense blocks of text are now opting for cleaner interfaces, which support brevity and minimalistic designs. No longer are you asked to navigate through text to figure out where to go.

Now, We Say More With Less

Instead, visual navigation is being embraced in a big way. Design now speaks directly to the consumer’s busy lifestyle.  A website that can make it easy for the consumer to understand where they are and why they are there quickly and efficiently is a website that will more than likely draw business to a service.

You don’t have to make your website bizarre or loud to sell your product or service. Say more with less and you’ll make your point in a powerful way. See our customer page for examples of clean websites and feel free to contact us for a consultation.