Inventing is a Great Game, ask Howard Wexler

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“Thinking is Fun” Says Howard Wexler, and He Ought to Know

When it comes to fun, Howard Wexler really knows how to laugh at life and love his work. The inventor of Connect 4, the classic vertical board game we have all played, also knows inventing is hard work. He wanted to build his website to showcase his life’s work, and it is truly a testament to Howard’s amazing, creative mind.

Howard’s attitude on life and work is evident in his personality, and when you are around him, you know you are going to laugh. He is always quotable— a man of one-liners that tell the truth, poke fun at life and keep us in stitches. His website is almost as fun as he is, and a living testament to his life’s work. Nancee Hwa, his partner and a designer herself, designed the layouts and Network9 webbified it and added the functionality. See more on the project page.