Why Social Media is Like a Good Pair of Jeans

A Social Media Campaign is Like a Good Pair of Jeans

In the world of social networking, one size does not fit all.

Like a good pair of jeans, social media should fit who you are and flaunt the best things that your business has to offer.

As we break new ground with our own social media campaign, we want to make sure it is tailor-made to our mission and our message. So, armed with knowledge, analytics, and old-fashioned detective work, we singled out the websites that will really allow us to shine. Here are the four networks that look like a perfect fit:


LinkedIn is a proven performer for B2B companies. Numbers don’t lie, and LinkedIn’s numbers are great: TechCrunch reports that 65% of B2B companies have aquired customers on LinkedIn. LinkedIn understands that people want to connect with people, not faceless brands, and that personal relationships can lead to customers, referrals, and a broader network for your business. We know this site is crucial to our arsenal, and we are already cultivating it by connecting with our current clients and joining new communities. LinkedIn helps make business personal, and in turn we are excited to bring our personal touch to its network.


Twitter is a snappy, quick-and-easy place to consume information, which makes it an ideal port for smart marketing. Keeping up an active Twitter presence allows Network9 to have frequent and friendly chats with our clients. As a result, our social reach expands even further as their network notices us popping up consistently on their feeds. When we engage customers directly like we do on Twitter, we can provide a personalized service that other marketing channels struggle to beat.


As a design company, we are all about the visual. Pinterest turns pictures into stories, and we are excited to use their boards to display our own vibrant voice. Pinterest, the little site that could, is now the third most popular social media network in the world. Our clients can turn to us for design inspiration on our boards, where we will create a fun and interactive community around our business. Pinterest is a network where creativity can flourish and, even better, where profits can too.


The kingpin of social media. With 93% of American adults logging on, it is an important and enduring part of our social fabric. We are building our content first, with regular and dynamic updates that will give us the leverage to attract more fans. Then we will be in a great position to leverage the viral nature of the News Feed, keeping us at the forefront of our client’s minds and giving us a crucial marketing edge.

So, we have a plan. And now we’re going to see it through. As we see which of these sites fit best for Network9 to show off our curves, we hope you’ll share your own company’s learning curve with us too. Because as much as we want social media to work for us, we really want it working for you and your business.

We want to be a part of that process, which we can promise — like everything we do for our clients — will above all else be custom-designed.