TELEHOUSE Rebrand and Website Redesign

The challenge

This is the second website redesign network9 has done for Telehouse, and we had to take it up a notch. With over 25 years experience, Telehouse is a world leader in data center services and mission critical IT. They wanted to acknowledge their pioneering status, but show that they are still innovators. In other words, how do you say “you can trust us because we have experience” without saying “we’re old-fashioned “? Could we rebrand to communicate these two important qualities at the same time? And could we keep it human?

The Problem It Solved

Telehouse was well positioned in the industry, but they needed to let people in know that they hadn’t lost their edge. Network9 created the THINK NEXT concept to show that Telehouse is not only still thinking, but thinking ahead. The Telehouse rebrand and website redesign shows a more cutting-edge attitude, essential to a tech company.

We also wanted make a more personal connection in the usual sterile world of tech. By highlighting the people behind the company on their home page, Telehouse says there’s humans behind the tech.

The new site is more open, leaner, with text broken into readable sections, making it easier to read. The custom photography of their facilities was enhanced with a graphic treatment that reinforces the forward movement of THINK NEXT. And, it is built in WordPress in a responsive layout.


Traffic has doubled, page views have doubled, and leads have increased 40%.

The incoming queries have noticeably changed in tone, and visitors now ask “How’s the weather where you are?” like they are talking to a real human – which they ARE! The rebrand and website redesign give Telehouse the innovative edge they wanted, but more importantly, a human face.

Visit the website

TELEHOUSE Rebrand and Website RedesignTELEHOUSE Rebrand and Website Redesign
TELEHOUSE Rebrand and Website Redesign sub pageTELEHOUSE Rebrand and Website Redesign sub page

A little love from the client

The Network9 team nailed it. We are so pleased with the end result and have seen significant lifts in both traffic and consistent conversion in a short period of time.”
Sandra DeNovellis, Director of Marketing for Telehouse

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