PNATC Responsive Website Design

A Responsive Website Design for a QuickBooks Expert

Most QuickBooks development companies do only programming. But at Presti & Naegele, they not only live in the technology world, but are accountants.

This gives them an edge in that they can program a client’s QuickBooks to align with accounting principles. The new site now tells a story about the company, rather than just list their services.

The new Brand Design

The language we used is uncommon in their industry, which shows that they too are different. The brand now focuses on their firm’s expertise in both accounting and technology, which few others can claim. Network9 designed their tagline and wrote all the copy for the website to reflect a friendlier voice and specific expertise.

We built the website responsively in a custom WordPress theme, making it easy for them to expand and update it. We designed custom icons and diagrams to visually communicate concepts and ideas.

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Brochure Design

To accompany the new brand design and website, we designed their brochure to reflect their new brand messaging.

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