Memoriis Brand Design

What We Did

At what point in a startup’s lifecycle should they engage a design firm? In the case of Memoriis, as soon as possible. Through deep collaboration with Network 9, Memoriis was able to build their brand while we developed the complex inner workings of their unique private social network. Network 9 developed the brand identity and voice that included creating their logo, with two ii’s to represent the people who share on the site. We also developed the Pitch Book they are using to attract investors. We designed the website to function as both a secure storage facility and a way to display and share content in a visually exciting way. Now people can keep their data safe, and actually enjoy it with family and friends, privately. Our crackerjack writer, who wrote this copy, also crafted the written story of the brand.

The Problem It Solved

The Memoriis service is perfect for today’s busy families. Network 9’s challenge was creating a brand story and design that communicated just how perfect it is. Throughout the process, we kept the intended market and their needs, desires, and busy lives foremost in our minds. As a result, rather than just imparting dry features, the site offers a way for people to store their photos in one place and have fun with it, like a living scrapbook. For visitors to the site, the experience is intuitive, visual and easy—just the way you want it to be.


Memoriis came to us with a great idea, and we’ve helped them develop both the product and the brand design to bring it to life. As a result, they have been able to knock the socks off of potential investors who might otherwise have had trouble seeing the significance of the concept. Now they have a service that creates a treasure chest for the people who use it.

memoriis-brand design and website designmemoriis-brand design and website design
Memoriis-Website Design Timeline-ViewMemoriis-Website Design Timeline-View
Memoriis-brand Design Login-PageMemoriis-brand Design Login-Page
memoriis-website design Features-Pagememoriis-website design Features-Page
Memoriis-Website design Chests-and-Boxes-pageMemoriis-Website design Chests-and-Boxes-page

A little love from the client

Your involvement in the Memoriis project has been outstanding and it is an absolute pleasure to work with you. Thank you so much for your beautiful work and for a great working relationship.

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