What We Did

Corporate Public Relations firm MBS Value Partners helps their clients craft their image. But when it came time to redesign their own website, they turned to Network9 to do the job. We knew this firm wanted a website that reflected the high level of expertise they have.

Their standout lime green color and the three square dots worked wonderfully as a graphic device and draws attention to their logo.

Crafting the headlines “be: heard”, ‘be: credible” and “be: valued” using the 3-dot colon reinforces their brand.

We brought in our photographer to shoot them in action, as well as record some of their live client events, so that the website is a real expression of their company and people. Network9 also worked with our copy writer to craft new text that had a more human touch. Now their story is told in a more compelling way. We designed and built their site in a responsive WordPress layout, so it looks great on any device.

The problem it solved

MBS has grown over the last few years, and they needed their website to grow too. Their services have expanded and their website no longer represented their higher level of expertise. Now, MBS has a website that is current and shows their talents in a new light.

The results

MBS’s new website is getting great reviews. In a jargon-laden industry, we put a human face to their message.

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A little love from the client

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