Logo design

Logos are especially fun to design, because they are the visual representation of a company’s brand. A logo design needs have meaning to the client’s business and to them emotionally. It’s not a simple as sticking a swish over some text.

The Ink’d for Good logo design is one of our favorites, because it defines the mission of the company. They ask for free autographs from celebrities which can be an imposition. So they decided to give something back, and donate a portion of their sales to the charity of the celeb’s choice. The font is hand drawn to look like an autograph, and the business card is a sharpie pen.

There is a point in the OnPoint logo, a star in StellNet, a wedge in All About Leverage and so on. Each one is unique to the client and represents the essence of their brand.

Business Card Design

Your business card design is your brand’s calling card. When you hand one out, you want to be remembered and make a good impression. Here’s a few of the logos we’ve designed and how they work on the business card design.

logo-design Inked for GoodLogo Design for Ink'd For Good. They give back to celeb's charities in return for giving them autographed pictures to sell.
biz-card-design-stellnetBusiness card design for Stellnet
logo-design StellnetLogo and brand design for a technology innovator.
logo-design-for on-pointOnPoint's logo design for the legal nurse consulting company.
logo-design all about leverageLogo design for a LinkedIn Training company who leverages connections.
logo-design-for-the-wishington-postLogo design for the Wishington Post. We created the concept for the blog for WISH, our intern housing company in Washington DC, as a takeoff on the Washington Post.
logo-design Masterpiece AccountingLogo design and tagline for a personal accounting firm to show the personal touch they offer.
logo-design for OBG ProjectLogo Design for The ObG project, a blog for doctors.
logo-design-the-foundistLogo design, website design for The Foundist. As part of the brand design, we created a set of custom icons for their section headers.
logo-design for RDSLogo design and packaging for the RDS supplements line.
business-card-design-charterLogo design and business cards for Charter Recycling and Sunrise trading, clothing recyclers. The logos reference the universal recycling symbol.
logo-design for OBG ProjectLogo design for the law firm Wasser & Russ. The lowercase font shows their approachability and the red line shows they can draw blood if they need to.
business-card-design-hygeiaLogo and business card design for Hygeia, a health care company. The logo represents people connected by a circle.
logo-design For Network!Network!Logo and business card design for the NY networking group. The "O's" interlock to show connection.
business-card-design-fytrLogo and business card design for FYTR, a nutrition supplier for athletes.
logo-design for Mr T CartingRebrand for the Mr T Carting company. Designed signage and collateral for the brand. They talk trash!
biz-card-east-village-entertainmentLogo and business card for East Village Entertainment, a documentary film production company.
logo-design-plus-mediaLogo design for PLUS Media put s the "US" in Plus to show their teamwork spirit.
logo-design-svsLogo Design, biz cards, stationary and envelope ideas for the valuation company SVS.
business-card-design-essexLogo and business card design for Essex, a fabricator of trade show booths and signage.
logo-design-townhouseLogo design for Townhouse Consultants. The logo interlocks the T and the H for the real estate consultants.
business-card-design-ebenstein-consultingLogo and business card design for Ebenstein Consulting.
business-card-design-memoriisLogo and business card design for Memoriis. The two "ii's" in the logo represent people, the clients of the online private social network.
business-card-design-advantageLogo and business card design for Advantage Consulting, SEO consultants.
logo-designs for clientsLogo designs for some of our favorite clients.

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