La Boite A Coupe Brand and Website Design

The Challenges

The venerated Men’s Hair Stylist, Laurent DeLouya of La Boite A Coupe, was long overdue for a brand makeover and a website that matched the flavor of his Salon. His brand position was undefined. The site was outdated, unresponsive and he wanted his clients to be able to order products online. His logo was generic and unstylish.

What We Did

We repositioned Laurent as the Stylist who understands the changing needs of a man’s hair as he ages. Quotes from Laurent express his philosophies, and client quotes show the very personal nature of their relationship. The new brand design of his logo is based on a Moroccan pattern and rich color palette that shows his heritage. The wood door on the Home page lives in his Salon.

The Problem it Solved

The La Boite A Coupe Brand and Website Design now appeals to the high end media clients whose hair he has been cutting for 40 years. His clients can make appointments on their phones and order the products they have come to love as much as they love Laurent.

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La Boite A Coupe Brand and Website DesignLa Boite A Coupe Brand and Website Design

A little love from the client

It’s beautiful! I love it!”

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