Charter Recycling Website Redesign

What we did

In the trash-talking business of recycling, you have to break through the clutter to distinguish yourself. Network9 created an “attitude of gratitude” that’s helping Charter Recycling outshine other clothing recyclers. We designed a new brand identity that thank clothings contributors who drop off their used clothing in Florida, and let people know who they are helping.

Next, we created a responsive WordPress website that reused the same look and feel. The benefits of working with a full service design agency were in full display as we wove together a winning website redesign with custom infographics that show, not tell, how they work and give the site a unique visual identity. We write their weekly blog which focuses on the benefits of recycling and increases SEO.

The problem it solved

Traditionally, collection bins are an eyesore. The cheerful, message-laden bin-graphics Network9 created for Charter are anything but. Charter’s challenge on the web was breaking through the clutter while appealing to 3 distinct audiences. Network9 provided content strategy and copywriting that skillfully addressed each audience—all while maintaining Charter’s brand identity and voice.


Thanks to the SEO work we did, Charter’s site traffic is off the charts. In a reversal of industry norms, property managers are actually calling us for bins. Charter’s clear and consistent messaging is also driving calls every day from international buyers looking for professional, reputable suppliers.

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Charter-Recycling-Website redesignCharter Recycling Website Redesign Home Page
Charter-Recycling-Website RedseignCharter-Recycling-Website Redseign

A little love from the client

Network9’s work on our brand and website design has put us above the competition, and the search engines love us too!

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