Brochure Design

Print is NOT dead.

Even with web dominance, print material still plays an important role in sales and marketing. The tactile feel of a physical paper piece cannot be duplicated in pixels. A professional brochure design can remain on a customer’s desk for months and make an indelible impression.

Our approach to brochure design

  • We look at the product itself to inspire the design.
  • If it has a distinctive shape, recognizable design or color, we love to capture that in print.
  • The headline is key to grabbing attention. We like them bold and purposeful.
  • We keep the copy simple and as lean as we can without losing vital information.
  • A little fun doesn’t hurt either.

Imagine your clients keep your brochure on their desk for weeks or post it on their bulletin board. That keeps you top of mind and brings you business. The safety stand up sign has been seen in lunchrooms and on many desks to remind people to pay attention to safety. What do you want people to remember about your company?

brochure-design-stellnetThe brochure design mimics their actual product— the little box that attaches to the fire alarm box and transmits the data.
tnt-brochure-designtrifold brochure design for TNT, an immigration law firm
telehouse-brochure-designTelehouse Disaster Recovery Brochure
NJ Lenders brochure designNJ Lenders brochure design
Brochure design for NJ LendersSecond brochure design for a NJ real estate company.
Brochure design for real estateFront and back cover for a real Estate Lender's commercial division brochure.
Brochure design for real estateInside spread for a real estate commercial lender's brochure.
Snack Palette brochure designTri-Fold brochure for Snack Palette, the revolutionary new way to dine with one hand.
brochure design for Above and beyondBrochure design for Above and Beyond event planners. It gets mailed as a square and the flaps open up to reveal the information.

A little love from the client

Build more love for your business!

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