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Crop Organic Vodka

Crop Organic Vodka

What we did.

Crop is the world’s first organic market to come to market. As you might imagine, we had a little explaining to do in the website we created for this most unusual elixir. Naturally, we did it through design that whetted the appetite for organic and satisfied the non-believers. Crop’s point of differentiation comes through clear as vodka, and we’re happy to have played a role in helping the brand carve out a niche in the highly competitive spirits category.

The problem it solved.

Chief among our challenges was that the website had to inform and at the same time communicate the taste cues that would intrigue people to try it. We set the tone for the pure, natural flavor by keeping the overall design clean and open. Imagery of the wholesome ingredients and bright photography supported the natural source of the vodka and communicated quality and care. In the spirits category, this tone and design tack is unheard of. Most of the spirits imagery out there is heavy on the fashion, attitude and nightlife. In contrast, the Crop site offers a refreshing change of pace and a believable point of differentiation. Our minimalist site accomplished this by being true to Crop’s brand’s essence.



The site has succeeded in planting the seed about Crop and about the organic vodka category. We see it in the high Google ranking for many search terms. Good results make for happy clients, and ours has retained us to create sites for their additional organic spirits lines as well.

crop vodka home page
We wanted visitors to get a clean fresh feeling on the home page and sense immediately that this product is natural and pure.
crop vodka sub pages
We wanted viewers to have a sense of the growing methods that make this vodka taste clean and pure, and almost taste the farm-fresh organic ingredients from which they are made.