Brochure design for THN

Total Health Nutrients Brochure

What We Did

Total Health Nutrients (THN) simply asked Network9 to design and print two brochures for them. We came back to them with a plan that would save them money while building the THN brand. “How?” You ask. By printing one great brochure instead of two and using the occasion to set design standards that would strengthen the brand more and more over time.

The Problem It Solved

Building and reinforcing consumers’ trust is critical in the vitamins and supplements market. One of the best ways a company like Total Health Nutrients (THN) can do this is by presenting a consistent brand image. This discipline has been Network9’s greatest contribution to THN’s marketing. For the brochure, we designed layouts, selected photography and edited text that elevated the brand’s image. We also helped begin the process of integrating the brand’s online presence, signage and other materials.


For starters, we saved THN a couple thousand dollars on printing and design fees. We also created a brochure that’s simpler and more streamlined than the two that preceded it. Most importantly, we’ve completed the first of many projects that will lead to a stronger, more consistent brand image for THN.