TNT brochure design

TNT Law Brochure

What We Did

The immigration law field is full of attorneys offering the same services through nearly identical materials. We decided to be a little more creative with our brochure for TNT Law in order to catch people’s attention. The concept for this high-end immigration attorney has a little fun without straying too far from the imagery their target associates with this field. Through simple, bold visuals, a contemporary design and sharp messaging, we helped TNT clearly establish they are head and shoulders above the other firms in this specialty.

The Problem It Solved

Sometimes there’s no getting away from certain expected parameters of a project. That doesn’t deter us at Network 9 from making the work different and effective. For instance, we used the flag imagery, passport photos and partner shots you’d expect. But what we did with them was unique. We used a clever tease-and-reveal format to pique readers’ interest on the cover and treated the stars and stripes as graphic patterns and backgrounds. That had the effect of positioning TNT as a firm that’s different from the pack.


This brochure is a standout for its contemporary design. It’s getting attention at trade shows and a wide range of display settings where visual appeal is critical. It’s also an essential element of their upcoming direct mail campaign.