Mr. T print project

Mr. T Carting Print Design

What We Did

Network 9 helped Mr. T do what is perhaps the hardest thing for a brand to do: break from a longstanding tradition and move on. Their brand identity that had worked for 60 years needed to be made cleaner and more contemporary in order to compete with their very polished competitors. In addition, Mr. T wanted to increase traffic to their site. we guided them through the process and are slowly but surely rebranding every element of their communications from caps and trucks to cards and fax cover sheets.

The Problem It Solved

The little things are what build big brands; and it is the combination of a lot of details that will ultimately make the Mr. T brand a force to contend with. Thanks to Network 9’s work they now look like the big company that they are. That’s the power of a cohesive and consistent brand. Every printed item we’ve designed for Mr. T supports their powerful new brand image with the same look, logo and colors.


Needless to say, we’re all very excited to trash the old and bring in the new on everything. So far, their stationery, business cards, letterhead, FAX cover, credit application, stickers and ads are down—and we have 60 years’ worth of signage and branded materials to go.