KDDI America—Promotional Postcard Series

What We Did

KDDI America wanted to promote several new services at trade shows, and Network 9 jumped in to help. We created a series of five 6 X 9″ postcards that can be used separately, or bundled together to send or give to clients. They all belong to the KDDI brand family, and reflect the identity of their website. We wrote the headlines and copy, and for extra techiness, the bar code can be scanned to take people right to the web page for the service.

The Problem it Solved

The cards give KDDIA the ability to hand out or send one or more cards to a client. With separate pieces, they can add new ones to the set and remove any no longer needed, keeping it more flexible than a brochure.

The Results

The clients love them, and they have been well received at trade shows.