Brand Identity

Companies that understand the value of a strong brand identity have a competitive advantage in their markets. They can charge higher prices, enjoy greater name recognition, and can market more efficiently. We apply the same problem-solving discipline and creativity that big corporations practice to developing brand identities for companies of all sizes.

It all starts with a logo. A strategic discussion, often lively, is key to defining exactly who the client is. Are they corporate, cool or traditional? Communicating the identity of the client is essential to developing a lasting, memorable brand.

Once we establish a look for your brand, we translate it to every other touch-point you have in the market. We give all your marketing pieces a cohesive look and feel—from your website design, blog design, product packaging, brochures, power point presentations, and trade show booth to your newsletter design, Facebook page, signage and brochures. Experience the power of having all your brand elements working together in unison. Contact us today, we’ll show you how.