Sales Presentation Design


What makes people open their wallets after you give your sales presentation? It’s not cute animations, fancy icons or pie charts.

It’s the language you use.

There’s a lot at stake here. Either you win business or you’ve wasted your time. How much is one client worth? How can you close more business?

How do you speak about your business, service or product?

Are you giving people the information they need to know, like and trust you? Are you coming across as a vendor with a product like everyone else, or as a partner and advisor to your clients? Are you boring them or holding their attention? It makes no difference if you are presenting to one person or a crowd, the techniques are the same.

There are slide design services and do-it-yourself apps that will jazz up your text, but the result will only be as good as the content you give them. Who is creating that?

People buy from companies they know, like and trust. They slide their credit card for something they are hungry for.

It’s never about price—it’s always about value.

How is a business-winning sales presentation designed and written? Steve Jobs was a master at this. He was able to create a hunger for his products through suspenseful storytelling and an intuitive understanding of his audience’s desires. He knew what we needed way before we did!

You can do it too.

Working with a professional sales presentation design agency can change an insomnia-causing slide deck into an engaging, purposeful story.


It begins with a deep dive into your customers’ fears, desires and headaches. Your presentation design must speak to this.

A great writer will have the ability to put themselves in their shoes and feel their pain. Then provide the solution. Most people can’t do this well, it takes talent. Hire a professional!

90% of the sales presentations we see are filled with what we call an information dump.

It’s a contest to see how much can be crammed onto one slide! When this happens, people remember nothing. It’s too much too soon. And too much text distracts them from hearing you speak. What’s needed now is an overview and a FEW key benefits.

Make them feel something!

A little humor and images that are uncommon create energy make you memorable. Generic people shaking hands are instantly forgettable. Pictures should be a background for your speech and used to make a point.

Practice with a pro!

This is not the time to ad lib.

Work with a professional on your content, then practice speaking it to your family, your dog, in the mirror or the shower until you can recite in your sleep. You’ll work out the kinks and smooth over any rough patches. Confidence is crucial when presenting.

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For your next presentation, call us and let’s have a conversation about how you can open more wallets.