Thinking Can Be Fun. And It’s Good For You.


Connect_Four Game

A lot has been written about creativity. But Howard Wexler knows more about it than most. The salty, funny, irrepressible New Yorker created Connect 4, a game that has become a household classic. He has been inventing games and toys for over 40 years, and was the first to design learning toys for infants. He believed babies were learning while in the crib, a radical idea at the time.

He has invented hundreds of games and toys, and draws in his sketchbook every day. But it takes some discipline to shut out the chatter of the world. Howard is a philosopher at heart, and though he is baby boomer age, still gives the impression of being as lighthearted as a child.

Howard is a man who literally thinks outside the box, and as a favorite client of ours, we asked him to write about creative thinking.

Howard Wexler
“To be the best is often unattainable, but to try your best is something you can always do”. -Howard Wexler

Here is what he has to say…

Thinking can help you in all that you do.

The prerequisite of anything creative is thinking.

If you cut down on your idle chatter you begin to make room for thinking.

Texting, cell phoning, and tweeting should be put aside as you embark upon thinking.

Thinking Can Be Fun. And It’s Good For You.


We start off in life thinking and being creative.

Babies are thinking before they learn how to speak.

Infants are curious about everything; they try things and they are not afraid to fail.

As adults, too many of us have given up these wonderful infantile traits.

Parents, schools and teachers often suppress our freedom to think differently and make mistakes.

You can gain back the wonderment of being a child with a little effort.

Try some of the following. They will help you get started in your quest to be more creative.

Cut down on texting, cell phoning facebooking and tweeting.

Find a quiet place and just think about things.

Look at things and wonder how they are made. Be curious.

Don’t let your ego get in the way of asking all kinds of questions to anyone about everything.

Practice arts and crafts like when you were in elementary school.

Buy all kinds of art materials and have them available at all times.

Get lots of colored markers, colored papers, drawing paper, cardboard, pens, pencils, glue, etc.

While watching TV, try doodling, or making something.

Finally, THINK and be creative and add some more things to my list.

Happy Thinking!

Howard Wexler

Howard Wexler Doodles
Howard Wexler Doodles


Learn more about Dr. Wexler on his website

Howard Wexler is the inventor of the classic game “Connect Four”. He has been inventing toys since 1970. More than 120 of his inventions have been licensed and manufactured by toy, game and novelty companies. Howard has hundreds more of his inventions that have not as yet been licensed. He has worked as a social worker, schoolteacher, and school psychologist. In 1970 he received a Ph.D. from Fordham University in educational psychology. Today there is the Howard Wexler Scholarship Fund at CCNY.