Taking Home the Gold…Taking One for the Team!

stevie award logo

It was the next to the last award given, and we were getting ready to be totally happy with 3 bronze medals…But then, they announced us as the winner of the Gold Medal for Marketing or Advertising Company of the Year! I stumbled to the front and probably blathered on about how proud I was, and tried hard not to look foolish. We discovered we also won the silver for Marketing Team of the Year, and a bronze for Marketing Executive of the Year.

But I must say, it was a very proud moment. For me, of course, but mostly I was proud of all the terrific people I get to work with every day. They are the ones who do the heavy lifting, stir the creative juices, and take care of our clients like they are family.

The American Business Awards team is a terrific organization that honors achievements in business, and we are very grateful for this honor. We will work extra hard to live up to the honor, and continue to raise the bar on our work. Thanks, Stevie!

That’s me on the right, holding my “Oscar”. It looks amazing on my desk.

Carmen Yazejian at the stevie awards