How to Make Custom Icons for Desktop Folders!

Making custom icons for desktop folders is easy

The favicons in my browser window when I have like 80 tabs open, greatly help me find my way around. These little visuals instantly show me what’s there.

I thought that it would be great to have the same thing on my desktop folders. Instead of reading the names on my folders, could I make them images? I searched around and couldn’t find an article that made this easy, but no dice.

I asked a Mac-savvy 23-year-old, who knew exactly what to do. And decided to share the method with you. On a MAC of course. No idea how to do this on a PC.

Here are the steps to take to make custom desktop folders:

Here’s my boring desktop folder. :—(

My-Desktop-Folder with no images





1. Right-click the icon, or command +i, and the “get Info” screen pops up.








2. Here’s the tricky part…you need to have an image ready to go. Open one in any program, this example is in Photoshop, but Preview will also work.

Photoshop screen with the image open







3. COPY the image

(Command + c in Photoshop)

4. Go back to the info panel, click the folder icon, and it will highlight.










5. PASTE the saved image right onto the folder. Voila! A not boring desktop folder.






Not Boring Desktop Folder






Now my desktop folders are easy to identify, probabaly saving me minutes every day!


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