How Storytelling Humanizes Software Companies and Boosts Sales

Software sales and marketing departments often rely on “tried and true” sales tactics such as listing detailed technical specs or years in business. While that info is important, it doesn’t differentiate you or create a human connection. If your old sales model is leading your business into obscurity, it’s time to change direction.

How storytelling humanizes software companies and benefits sales!

Instead of blah blah blahing about technical specs or how many years you are in business, why not tell a story that is so compelling people see how your product and your company is the only clear choice? It works!


Every company is up against these 3 barriers when new customers come to you:

  • “I don’t know you.”
  • “I don’t trust you.”
  • “I don’t care.”

How Storytelling Humanizes Software Companies and Boosts sales

How telling stories shows consumers your human side and breaks the barriers:

  • Stories demonstrate who you are as a company and as people. It shows them your purpose, motivation, expertise and culture. (Now I know you.)
  • The key thing here is although you are talking about yourself, if you show people how all of the above benefits THEM it creates likability and trust.
  • What makes you different from (and better than) the other guys? Using uncommon language to answer this question shows people you are uncommon. (Now I trust you.)
  • Show people you care about them works to have them care about you. Talking about your community involvement the way Tom’s Shoes does creates positive feelings for your company. (Now they care.)

The end goal is always to get your ideal customer to know you, trust you and like you. 

Obviously, the same thing applies to the software that you are selling.

Unless you have a unique product, you have competition. Why should they buy yours?

You want your prospects to fall in love with your product and your company in equal measure. 

Know your shortcomings. Hire a professional.

We adore software engineers and their teams, but let’s face it, many of you aren’t writers. You know every facet of the program you are selling, but when you try to explain the benefits to a potential customer, it comes across as very technical and cold. How can you overcome this barrier? 

  • Always be ready to share your “why”. Why should people buy from you? What problems does your software solve for them? How is it different from anything else?
  • How did you get to this point in your life? What was the path that brought you here? The answers we get to this tell us about motivation, ingenuity and drive. This forms the basis for an “about us” page that is very different than “We have had 25 years of experience.”
  • What makes your company different? Is it one-on-one service, 24/7 customer support, implementation assistance, or maybe something else? What is your secret sauce?


Once you develop your brand story it can be repurposed into website copy, brochures, ads, presentations and your elevator pitch.

When you embrace your story, you’ll be very different from everyone else. That makes you memorable, not boring.

When companies build their brand through powerful storytelling and compelling website copy, it results in increased conversion.

We love working with our fellow business owners in order to help them achieve success through individual, thoughtful branding. 

That, of course, includes the visual part of the design to which you’ve become accustomed to seeing when you hear the word “branding”.

But a brand is way more than a pretty face. It must tell the story of your business in a way that makes people feel they know you, they trust you and they like you. That’s how storytelling humanizes software companies and closes more sales.

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