Pitch Book Design

Pitch Book Design for Investor Presentations

1. Memoriis

View the Memoriis Pitch Deck: Short version


What We Did

If you’re a startup that’s looking for investors, a strong pitch book is the best investment you can make. Such was the case for our client, Memoriis. After designing their website and brand identity, we created a 40-page Pitch Book for them that is helping them tell their story. The slide presentation illustrates in a simple, visual way to potential investors why Memoriis is different (and better) than other storage websites.

The Problem It Solved

Pitch books tend to be produced as an afterthought. You’ve surely seen the typical PowerPoint presentations people create. They’re crammed with info, disorganized and rambling. At Network 9, we know the significance of these tools. We carefully designed the Memoriis pitch book to look and feel like the under development website, and show how it works without having a live site. It provides a compelling story highlighting the benefits of Memoriis, then proceeds to present the plan backed by details and statistics that inspire enthusiasm and confidence. Simplicity was our guiding principle so that the slides become the background for conversation.


It pays to have a pro like Network 9 create your pitch book design. Memoriis is well on its way to meeting its funding goals. And the great thing about digital is that we can fine tune the pitch book after every presentation, so it keeps getting better and better. If it keeps going like this, they’ll have too many investors before long.


2. Go Pogo

View the Go Pogo Pitch Deck Design

What We Did

We did it all for social media start up, GoPogo. They had a name, a logo and a minimum of messaging, but they needed to take it further to make their new social network investor-ready. That proved to be just enough for the brand makers at Network9 to create a sensational promotional piece.

It’s equal parts rate card and information sheet.

Besides coming up with the pitch book design, we helped GoPogo develop its core pitch through strategic guidance and copywriting.

The Problem It Solved

GoPogo is a social media site based on brand promotion. Users mention the brands they like and create “strings” of products and services they like that other people can follow. The idea led us to a concept that used a continuous string to lead readers through a 5-page brochure that explains how it works, gives two examples of GoPogo in action and ends with a compelling sales proposition. We think it’s a great example of Network 9’s problem-solving ability in the face of challenges.


Go Pogo came to us with an idea and we gave them a concept that made it look cool and like something people would want to be a part of. We’re happy to have helped them get to the next level (and beyond) in getting their unique social networking site off the ground.

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