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Founder, President & Chief Network 9’er: Carmen YazejianCarmen-Yazejian-Instagram-portrait

Carmen is a lifelong New Yorker and a hopeless romantic who admittedly falls in love with each project and every brand she works on. She works directly with every client to uncover what makes them special, because she knows everyone is. She determines their strategy, design direction, then finds and manages the talent to bring it all live. Carmen oversees the development and management of every project.

She knows what it’s like on the other side of the conference table too. In the 80’s, Carmen co-founded and ran two companies. The first was Harrow Clothiers, a line of English Old Boy school blazers that earned a place in the coveted windows of Saks Fifth Avenue. The second was Pirelli Bags, rubber artist portfolios that rocked the art supply market and are still seen on the streets today.

Carmen has always been fascinated by the magical relationship between design and functionality. That duality drives her to push the limits of every project. Anyone who knows her knows she is a fan of The Boss… so Bruce, if you are reading this, let’s have dinner! Her key to success is a job well done—whether that means growing the perfect tomato or building more love for her client’s brands.

Creative: Elliot Kreloff, DesignerNetwork-9ers-elliot-kreloff

Elliot’s wildly impressive résumé includes work for Scholastic, Macmillan and Disney, with skills ranging from illustration to information design to, our favorite, web design! Elliot has brand design in his DNA, and comes up with brilliant ideas before we all have breakfast. With a passion for visual communication, this experienced branding pro knows how to create conceptual, eye-catching designs that address both the needs and aspirations of our clients. Take a closer look at this imaginative and creative force in his Network9 interview.

Our Right Hand and Left Brain: Chris, Senior ProgrammerNetwork-9ers-chris-garone

Chris is Network9’s prince of programming. He’s been building websites for over 12 years and draws from a deep bag of tricks that brims with things both wondrous and arcane like PHP, JavaScript, MySQL and SQLServer, classic HTML, WordPress (our favorite!), custom CMS and Drupal—things few of us truly understand but appreciate, nonetheless. Chris is a teacher and problem-solverat heart, and his patience with code that misbehaves is boundless. He’s always up for catching a Yankees game, playing a round of golf (theoretically anyway—after all, he is a dad) or engaging in his most likely activity: picking a tune on the guitar.

Creative: Lukas Greyson, Photographer

Lukas Lives behind a lens. He photographs celebrities and fashion iconsNetwork-9'er-Lukas-Greyson-nine-icon but makes the rest of us look great too. He captures the moment and the people in a way that makes us feel we were there. His work for our corporate clients makes their websites come alive and connect with their virtual audience. He is a joy to work with, and as one of our clients said.. “a real class act.”