About Network9

2012 Stevie Gold

We’re site-centric.
We’re not afraid to say it. Compared to everything else out there—from brochures to word of mouth—nothing has the potential of the internet. Clients come to us because they recognize the vast opportunity of the web, but they just don’t know how tap into it themselves. We love to help them: not just in a traditional design sense, but in a holistic sense that starts with the problem, inspired by sensational design and driven by a thoughtful web strategy that we help nurture and grow over time.

Your web presence is our priority.

We’re the web studio.
Our site-centric focus is based on strong branding and supported by a full range of disciplines, from SEO and content crafting to social strategy, media development and culturally-conscious design. Your web presence is our priority. That’s where the real potential is, and the contribution we can make to your site statistics and bottom line is measurable. Our clients have had increases in their business from 37% to 200%.

We’re nine-times the partner.
In another age, one might have referred us as being full service, but even that seems limiting in describing what we can do for a client who’s ready to break down the doors of the internet. We’re a tight team of design aficionados, programmers, search nerds and wordsmiths. We have years of experience and scores of projects between us. We know what works, and we provide advanced solutions without compromise. That’s how we’re able to deliver big results on moderate budgets. If you’re a small to midsized business with big-agency expectations, we make an ideal partner. We show up and never give up until the job is done.

We think in terms of programs, not projects.

We’re all about passion, immersion and, well, love.
Our founder, Carmen Yazejian, is fond of saying we fall in love with every project and every client. Our team gets to know your business. We’re not just being professional, it’s just that we can’t help ourselves. It’s that marketing gene that bonds our team and binds us to your success. We think in terms of programs, not projects, making us ideal for your company’s Web 2.0 experience. In a world where everything is about connection and relationships, you can count on Network9 to navigate your brand toward the success that awaits you on the web. Contact us today.

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