Recent Launch: The Jane Marvel Blog

February 11, 2011
The Jane Marvel Blog

Trend board from the Jane Marvel blog

Finding a voice. Building a brand.

Jane Marvel, the New York designer of fashionable, affordable and adorable bags, has jumped into the blogosphere. She came to Network9 to help build her brand identity, and find her unique voice. We met with her, got to know her and her philosophy, ideas, likes and dislikes, and discovered what a fun, warm and committed woman she is. She has many interests in people, art, culture, books and of course, fashion, and wants to share it with the world. That’s where Network9 came in. We designed and build her blog in WordPress, and manage the research, copy writing, graphics and postings. We post 3 times a week to keep the blog filled with fresh content.

Telling her story

The result is a fashion, lifestyle and women’s empowerment blog, that tells stories about interesting people, events and shares cultural ideas. Jane peppers her blog with her opinions on trends, culture, people and of course, how to pair the latest and greatest with her colorful and stylish bags. The blog is growing a fan base rapidly, and shaping up to be a success with her target audience. We expect to build the site’s traffic through an SEO strategy over the next year, and bring a substantial amount of traffic to her main shopping site. Check back in for more results as the site matures.